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shaymin irl

October 2008

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human shaymin

I'm glad to see everyone came back from the trip okay. How did everyone enjoy the hot springs still wish I could have gone... oh well Some of the teachers seem different too, which I'm yet to decide if that's a good or bad thing, what happened to them though?


Let's just say that they found out the fountain of youth is real... and it's actually a hot spring... creepy, I know.
Wow. Well let's hope they can get everything back to normal because it is very creepy.
I'm not exactly sure what happened to the teachers, so...I'm probably as lost as y-you are.

Uhm, My name's Waddle Dee, by the way...
Hi nice to meet you, I'm Shaymin!
Y-Yeah, it's nice to meet you, uhm, too...
Are you okay, you seem kinda shaky.
No, it's nothing, honest.
I'm just a little, um, shy around people I haven't met...Sorry if I made you worry at all. n_n
Oh, I understand, don't worry about it alright.
I wonder what's up with the teachers...I hardly recognized some of em!

Oh and uh...Is everything all right? You seemed pretty weeded down before. What's wrong? And don't try to hide it from me because I can sense these things about you from a mile away! :<

((OOC: All that is private to shaymin is bound to be noticed a little by Sky! XD))

Private with Sky

Yeah everything is alright, I'm feeling a lot better than before, just trying to adjust to having a roommie, but Daisy is a nice person to be around. Other than that it's just girl issues.

How are you though Sky?

((OOC: Haha yeah I know.))

Re: Private with Sky

That's poseys! And you have the most awesome roomate, I should know! I think you two will get along great!

Don't worry about me, I've been doing just rosey!

Re: Private with Sky

Alright, oh what about your roomate? I haven't heard you talk about him at all.
Well...it was relaxing mana~ You should have gone! There were some teachers that turned younger but other than that...I think nothing bad happened...
I know I should have, I really wish I could, there's always the next trip though. Still I'm glad you had fun~ and that nothing bad happened, well besides the teacher stuff.
The teachers are different?
Maybe I oughta start goin' to classes....

Eh, whatever.
You didn't miss out on that much, chia.
Yeah like Mr Powalski and Mr Falcon and both kids and Mr Porky looks older and thinner, plus Ms Aran has been acting kinda odd too.

Everyone else seemed to have fun on the trip. Grumpy Guss
Kids? That Porky guy bein' thin?
Ain't no way. You must be jokin'.

Everyone else don't need to worry about their ass bein' on fire. ...Grumpy Guss...?
No joke. Some of the others were saying something about how they fell into a fountain of youth or something like that.

Oh, I just thought you would have figured out something so you didn't have to worry about your tail, thats all. yes because you are being all negative about the trip.
...Man, this place is freakin' weird.

Trust me. If I were smart enough to invent some kinda water-proof fire, I would've done it ages ago. And that insult sucks. Try harder, chia.

Well you shouldn't have let it ruin your time though. Its not an insult its true