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shaymin irl

October 2008

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Private with Sky

i finally got around to putting the plant in the dorm, and I have to say, thank go I was in human form otherwise I would have never been able to even carry the planter pot into our dorm. I got this plant called a Guzmania Bromeliad, I think you'll approve of it Daisy because when it starts to bloom it suppose to be a orange color!

Well here's a visual:


Hey Sky how have you been lately I haven't seen you as much lately, and it kinda saddens me. I still have the lily seeds if you want to go plant them while it's still nice out. Oh and how are you getting along with your roommate? Just wondering because you never told me who it was, so I just wanted to know. Plus you were right, Daisy and I are getting along great, she's really cool!


That sweet lookin flower is sure to make your room so petals awesome!

I'm sorry Shay! I've been pretty busy with all this class stuff, we should try to take more classes together! We just gotta meet up and plant those seeds sometime soon!

Oh and woops I forgot to answer you before! My roomate is this Sneasle pokemon...but I never see 'em! I think we might get along just fine if we ever talked to eachother though, heheh.
Alright! Want to go do that this weekend sometime, that way we have all day with no worries of classes?

I think I've seen your roommate around, but I haven't talked to him either.
Ooh, that looks beautiful, Shaymin! I love it already! ^o^ I can't wait for the blooming!
Thank you! I thought you might like it.